Friday, April 9, 2010


Some days it is just impossible to deal with.

Take today, for instance.  It is unbelievably gorgeous outside!  A bright sunny 70 degree day!  Gorgeous!  So I said to myself, "Self, I know you have been wanting to stamp more.  And I know you also want to be outside planting all those flowers you just bought.  But really, look at the place.  Why don't you just spend a little bit of time doing the housework and when you are done, you can stamp AND plant flowers."

Sounds reasonable to me.

Well, as I was merrily doing the housework, looking forward to my stamps and flowers, things started to go downhill fast.  The housework got totally out of control.  Soon there were shouts of, "You call that dusting?" and  "What about the baseboards?" from some of the rooms!!  The laundry room kept shouting, "Help, help, I'm drowning in dirty clothes!" and the kitchen started in about the floor being sticky.  I swear, you give an inch and housework takes a mile!  No respect.

Finally, I had had enough.  If that is how housework is gonna act, then I'm done.  When it has had a chance to calm down and think about its actions, I may start working with it again.  But for now, i am stamping and planting.  Actually, I just finished my stamping and now I'm blogging.  :-)

I was going to take another stab at a baby card for our friends- I wasn't that pleased with the one that I showed you yesterday.  But then I saw this challenge over at the Play Date Cafe.  Um, YUM!!  I just had to play.

I took a picture of my card outside by the flowers I need to plant!!

(I just realized that my plum and lavender don't look like the plum and lavender in the challenge photo!!  Oops, I hope this still counts!!)

Well, I am off to plant some flowers and I don't know, maybe check on the housework.  I may have been a little too harsh!!

I hope your day finds you without any unruly housework!!

Leave me us some love.  (It really helps with their self esteem issues!)


  1. Beautiful Monochromatic card, love the flower on your butterfly embellishment.

  2. Oh Jenn, this is really pretty. Love the pearls! And I'm loving those those gorgeous petunias trying desperately to get into that picture! I'm so jealous. I have a few baby pansies that reseeded themselves from last year and my tulip bulbs are making good progress but we'll probably get at least one more good snow before I can start planting :(

  3. Beautiful! Lovely butterfly and the bottom background is a perfect pattern to go with your butterfly! Thanks for playing along with us at PDCC! (I got my housework in line today! of course the inking had to go untouched> :(

  4. I love your posting, it really made me laugh! Why does housework shout at us like that when we could be creating beautiful things?!! Your card is really pretty, I love how you've done the flower on the butterfly, it's fab! Thanks for playing along at the Play Date Cafe this week :o)

  5. Beautiful, Jenn! So glad you found some creative time because your card is gorgeous (way to show housework:))! Thanks for playing along with the PDCC!

  6. fab post! you're so right, the house dozes off and when you wake it up by dusting it does get cranky lol. your card is lovely, there is always room for creative interpretation of the play date colours :) thanks for playing