Thursday, March 25, 2010


Man, this post almost didn't make it!!  I mean, at like 10:30 tonight, I realized what time it was, had to stop doing the dishes and finish this card.

Priorities, right.  I've gotta keep them in check.  I mean, my mojo should really appreciate all of the sacrifices I make for it.  The dishes, they are welcome to jump out the window and head for the hills any time!  But, my mojo, it shouldn't run off like it did.  Its just not right.

Anyway, I finally had the chance to play with my very first digital stamps.  These babies rock!!  I really thought that it was going to be this big pain in the beep to print out digi stamps, but it turned out to be so easy!  I love it!  This super cool tree image and the friends sentiment are from whimsyhaven.  LOVE them.  I have some more that I am I am dying to play with too.  I also used all the requirements for the poppy seed challenge and the sketch from card patterns sketch 56, not to mention the 8+ colors for the cards magazine blog.  I am one lean, (not really lean) mean, multi-challenge machine.  Yeah, take THAT dishes!!!

Here's the card:

p.s.  don't look at the wet finger smudges on this card.  That was just the dishes trying to get back at me!


  1. Holy Schmoly! You ARE a challenge machine! Your card is awesome! Love that tree with all those colors~yeah, take that dishes :)

  2. LOVE your post, and your card is gorgeous :)

  3. What a cute tree card. Thanks for joining us this week at Card Patterns.