Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life. Happens.


It wasn't the first word that came to mind, but probably the safest choice for a blog post if ya know what I mean.

These past two days didn't exactly go as planned. Sunday was the worst. To make a long story short, my diet consisted of 7.5 sips of water and about 3 saltines. And I missed all three of my son's baseball tournament games!!!

Yesterday was MUCH better. However, I did spend about 3 hours taking apart my husband's car!! Yes, you heard that right. Took. Apart. Car. I know, I know. But now we have working headlights- woo hoo!!

So, I have been working on this card a little bit here and there and finally finished it today!! I made it for the SFYTT challenge over at I {heart} to Stamp. I also made it using teal blue for the Play Date Cafe Challenge. LOVE me some teal blue, yes I do!! (LOVE me some teal green too!! That's why I used it in my second card. So don't run away just yet.)

I thought it was pretty clever, the way I did the BaBy letters!  I stamped them, crimped them, then cut them out.  Kinda cute, if I do say so myself!!  ;-)

Here is my second card for the Play Date Cafe Challenge.  The layout is for another SFYTT at  I {heart} to Stamp.  I am using the teal green this time.  Why?  Cuz teal green, it's just as gorgeous as teal blue, and really, how could I chose one and not the other, right??

And, if you are still here... hello?  HELLO?  I took a quick peak at my last post and ahhhhh!!  was horrified at the picture!!  E-gads, what happened there??  Well, apparently my camera was in the wrong mode and that made the light all blueish and yucky.  So, I quick took another pic and of course HAD to post it.  I don't want to embarrass myself or anything.  Here she is, in bright white light.  


  1. Swoon!!! I LOVE that baby card and your letters turned out soooo cute~love that you crimped 'em!

  2. oh, they are adorable!!! Very creative. I love the use of buttons in your first card. :) You are definitely going to my fav blog list!


  3. Hey Jenn! Thanks for entering the Olympics of Stamping in the Moxie Fab World! :)