Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello my friends. How are the two of you?

We are here in sunny Florida visiting my parents and grandpa. It isn't too sunny here though. It is a mild 70 degrees, but the sun is MIA. It is still nice, though.

I thought I would post a couple of projects that I did in my 6+ month hiatus. There were only a couple of projects that I worked on and even fewer that I took pictures of, so I am probably going to drag this out over a few posts.

Here is a picture frame and the baby card like the one I posted the other day. I like the way this one turned out soooo much better than the last, but I only had a limited supply of the patterned paper from SU. Here it is. (Side note: I made this shortly after the darling little baby Addison was born in Sept and just finally sent it to her last week. I'm good like that.)

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