Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to eat an elephant.

I have some super big ginormous news. Bigger even than the biggest elephant. It will all make sense in a couple minutes, just wait!! ;-)

We are M-O-V-I-N-G!!!!

Here's our story:
(It's ok if you want to skip out here and scroll to the end in hopes that there may be a card. And there just might be one, I haven't decided yet. So, go ahead, its ok. No, really, it's O.K. My feelings won't get hurt. And besides, it's not like I can see you or anything, right.)

Oh good your still here!!! That's love, I tell ya.

Where was I??? Ah, yes, Our Story:

The hubster and I met while we both lived and worked in Austin. First came love, then came marriage, then came a baby in the baby carriage. (Actually, not QUITE in that order, but, shhhh, don't tell anyone.)

Well, knowing that my parents would be retiring to FL soon, we decided to pack up the family (now 4 of us) and move to Lancaster County, PA. to be close to my in laws. This is where the hubster grew up and where his parents still lived.

For those of you that don't know, Lancaster County is Amish Country, as in horse and buggy land. (The local grocer has posts to tie up the horse while you shop- I KID YOU NOT!!!) Very neat, very beautiful, but unlike ANYWHERE I have ever lived!! Oh yeah, and its FREAKIN COLD here!!! Today was nice and warm (as in high of 58) but it rained all stinkin day!!!

Anyway, here's where the story takes a turn for the worse. Two days before we loaded the moving van, my MIL was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gerhig's disease) It was just heartbreakingly awful. Absolutely the worst disease ever. She was such a kind, happy, loving MIL and Nana. She passed away 11 months after we moved here and has been missed every single second since.

Then, just shy of two years after her death, my FIL was diagnosed with lung cancer. He fought it the best he could, but passed away 6 months ago, just 18 months after his diagnosis.

So, wow, talk about being surrounded by sadness and not so great memories. Towards the end of my FIL's illness, we knew we just didn't want to stay in the area. Knowing that, we knew there was only one place we wanted to go. Yep, you guessed it: Austin. Actually, we will be moving just north of Austin, but we will be close enough to smell the weirdness in the air, to eat at Central Market and to read about Leslie in the paper. And really, isn't that all a person needs in life??

Oh, yeah, about the elephant. Yes, yes.

To make a long story short (I will type this as fast as I can, I promise!!) while we were wanting/planning/hoping to move, this all happened sooooooooo fast. A friend called the hubster out of the blue with a job opening. He flew in for an interview Monday, negotiated terms Tues, accepted Wed and gave his two weeks on Thurs!!!!! He has to be there April 15th!!! I'm not sure when the kids and I will get there, but I'm hoping it won't be too long after that.

SO, again, back to the elephant. As I was sharing my feelings of being overwhelmed (and sick, none-the-less!!!) with my SIL (I want to give a shout out- this time to my SIL, Lil' G. Love ya, Lil' G!!!) she said to me, "Ahh, it reminds me of that story, how to eat an elephant." huh??? I had never heard of it either, but the moral is ONE BITE AT A TIME....

Ok, thank you kindly for your patience. Here is my card. I made it for the Hero Arts challenge over at Caardvarks. I had to make this a quick one (see above) and all things considered, I like how it turned out. I used a dragonfly stamp that I got at Michaels forever ago and the grass from SU's gorgeous set Inspired by Nature. I also used my sale-a-bration time, come on! ribbon from SU and my drool triggering brushed silver hodgepodge hardware from SU.


  1. JENN I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! Can we be best stampin' friends?? Please please please?? :-) Where will you be moving to?? I'm NW of Austin, out off of 620. Kinda near the Oasis if you remember where that was... :-)

  2. Well, you may have done this in a hurry, but know one would guess it! This is absolutely beautiful!

    Best of luck on your move!

  3. oh wow! *BEAUTIFUL* stamping! and i love all of the elements and colors you've combined on your soft and pretty card!

  4. I stuck through your whole post (saw your comment on Libby's blog about moving to the greatest city in the U.S.-well north of it, anyway.) Sad to hear about the loss of both of your in-laws and wish you the best in your upcoming move! pretty card

  5. Love how the grass is stamped over all of the layers ... very pretty card.

  6. This is so classy looking. It gives a peaceful feeling just looking at it. Perfect color choices and great embellishment on the ribbon.