Friday, March 20, 2009

A quick card and a WARNING!!!!

Here's a quick card I made for a friend who just turned 40. I am in a little bit of a stampin' funk right now, so while I think this card went a little overboard with the pink, (whoa Nelly, step away from the pink and nobody gets hurt) I actually like the end result. Which leads me to the following WARNING!!!

This blog contains many many butterflies. The cards here are manufactured in a facility that processes, adores, and nurtures an abundant amount of butterflies. If you suspect you may be having an allergic reaction to so many butterflies, please click on the red x in the corner of this blog and seek medical attention.

I was actually surprised to see that out of the 13 cards I have posted so far, only 6 of them contain butterflies!!! I told you I was in a funk!!!

Alright, I hear ya, on with the card then... :-)

1 comment:

  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! Love that stick pin. And keep using those butterflies, you do good things with them. :-) (your post cracked me up BTW!)