Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Orange you glad I didn't say banana???

Those of you who have a kiddo, know a kiddo or have a relative, near or distant, that has a kiddo or at least, HAD a kiddo, have probably heard that knock knock joke once or twice. Or one or two thousand times.
Anyway, I never really ever payed any attention to orange, as a color, not a fruit, love the fruit, until my oldest son was born. It has been and still is his favorite color since he was about 2. (Sorry orange, I see you now, and I just ADORE you.)
Still here???
Well, using that fabulously fancy fancy pants paper again, I made this for the CP Sketch #7 over at Card Patterns. I am not sure of the stamp, it was a floater, wandering around my stamp stuff, looking for work. I think I bought it as a single of ebay. I of course used Martha's butterfly punches, love you, Martha!!! And!!! I dug into my silver SU hodgepodge that I recently splurged on!!! Forget diamonds, that stuff is my best friend, KWIM???

(side note: When I started this blog last month, I seriously wondered if I would be too shy to say anything on my posts!!!! hahahahahahahahha!!! As you can see, I'm not all that shy. Nope, not so much.)

Yes, yes, on with ths card already!!!


  1. Love that orange! It's one of my fave colors in a card. Not to wear, but in a card. LOL!
    It's an adorable card Jenn! The dimension of the butterfly is really great!

  2. I just crack up reading your posts!! So are you this goofy IRL or is it just a blogging/typing alter ego? :-) Love the card - it's gorgeous!!

  3. Jenn this is lovely! I don't use orange much either, but it's a great color. I adore those two little butterflies on your card. Thanks for joining us!

  4. This is really pretty!! Love how you made orange ROCK on your card. That takes talent!!! Thanks for joining us!

  5. lovely job....the colors are great!!

  6. you have inspired me to grab some orange paper and create with this beauty!