Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time for some 2S4Y!!

Well, my brother left this afternoon after a nice 5 day visit and since we were at baseball today from 8am until 6:30pm, I was starting to get a little worried about this post making it on time.  Thanks to the NFL Draft, I was able to quietly sneak away for some stamping!!  Thank goodness, cause I was really dreading the whole, "hey bro, I know I rarely ever get to see you and all, but would you mind if I slip away for a bit and fool around with my stamps and stuff!"  I am sure he wouldn't have minded, but really, am I that much of an addict??  OK, don't answer that!!  Anyway, I made this card for the 2S4Y challenge last night during the draft.  I was so excited to finally get to play around with this image from whimsyhaven- LOVE it!  So, all in all, I guess football isn't so bad.  Actually, it comes in handy ever now and again!!

Here's the card.  For some strange reason, I couldn't get the picture to come out straight.  So, being tired and lazy, i just went for the exaggerated crooked look!!

Have a nice rest of the weekend!!

Leave me us some love.  (It really helps with their self esteem issues!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You talkin' to me?

I've never actually sat through the entire movie Taxi Driver, but I have seen plenty of clips of the "You talkin' to me?" part.  Not to mention, I sometimes recreate that scene in my bathroom mirror when I get bored!!

You talkin' to me?

Thats how I felt when I finally sat down to catch up on google reader and saw this:

The Play Date Cafe Color Splash Challenge!!  with sweet, darling, underused, under-appreciated, lovely orange.  You must be talkin' to me, because I sure do love orange.

and then I saw the Beautiful Butterflies challenge over at Our Creative Corner.  Now, you must be talkin to me, because I live LIVE for butterflies.  Actually, the real challenge for me would be to make a card WITHOUT butterflies!!  KWIM, jelly bean??

Anywho, I of course HAD to make a card for these 2 challenges.  And make a card I did.  Unfortunatley, it didn't turn out nearly as pretty as I pictured it would.

So, I made another card.

And, I have to say, I like the first one better!!

Well, I must be off to clean the bathrooms.  Try as I may, I cannot put it off any longer.  My brother is coming to visit and I don't want him to think we live like slobs, now do I!!

Leave me us some love.  (It really helps with their self esteem issues!)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally, a card.

Hello, hello. I finally have a card to post. I actually finished it a few days ago but when I went to take a picture, my camera battery was dead. Probably from the 400+ flower pics that I took recently- which, by the way are snuggled up in a nice little slide show the next post down.  (Not all 400, just about 20 or so!)  For some reason, the slide show was a no-show on my emailed post. What's up with that??

Anyway, here is the card. I made this baby for two challenges. I used Sketch #50 (I love this sketch) from 2 Sketches 4 You.  I also used the colors from the Embellish Color Challenge, then went back and read that it should be a party themed item.  Oops!  Does a wedding count as a party??


Have a great weekend!!

Leave me us some love.  (It really helps with their self esteem issues!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Zilker Botanical Gardens.

I was going to be totally obnoxious and post like 400 pics that I took at Zilker Gardens, but I decided to play nice and make a slideshow of a few of my favorite ones.  I am so happy that this year I made it to Zilker while everything is in bloom.  LOVE it there!!

I'll be back with a card in a little bit.

Leave me us some love.  (It really helps with their self esteem issues!)

Friday, April 9, 2010


Some days it is just impossible to deal with.

Take today, for instance.  It is unbelievably gorgeous outside!  A bright sunny 70 degree day!  Gorgeous!  So I said to myself, "Self, I know you have been wanting to stamp more.  And I know you also want to be outside planting all those flowers you just bought.  But really, look at the place.  Why don't you just spend a little bit of time doing the housework and when you are done, you can stamp AND plant flowers."

Sounds reasonable to me.

Well, as I was merrily doing the housework, looking forward to my stamps and flowers, things started to go downhill fast.  The housework got totally out of control.  Soon there were shouts of, "You call that dusting?" and  "What about the baseboards?" from some of the rooms!!  The laundry room kept shouting, "Help, help, I'm drowning in dirty clothes!" and the kitchen started in about the floor being sticky.  I swear, you give an inch and housework takes a mile!  No respect.

Finally, I had had enough.  If that is how housework is gonna act, then I'm done.  When it has had a chance to calm down and think about its actions, I may start working with it again.  But for now, i am stamping and planting.  Actually, I just finished my stamping and now I'm blogging.  :-)

I was going to take another stab at a baby card for our friends- I wasn't that pleased with the one that I showed you yesterday.  But then I saw this challenge over at the Play Date Cafe.  Um, YUM!!  I just had to play.

I took a picture of my card outside by the flowers I need to plant!!

(I just realized that my plum and lavender don't look like the plum and lavender in the challenge photo!!  Oops, I hope this still counts!!)

Well, I am off to plant some flowers and I don't know, maybe check on the housework.  I may have been a little too harsh!!

I hope your day finds you without any unruly housework!!

Leave me us some love.  (It really helps with their self esteem issues!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So, like..

I don't know what's up with me!  Maybe it's that spring is here, that wildflowers are fabulously abundant or that baseball season is in full swing (batter, batter), but I have, like, not crafted in, like, for-EVA!!!  KWIM, jelly bean??

Anywho, I did do a wee little crafting earlier this week for the first wee little one that friends of ours have welcomed into their lives.  And since Caardvarks was having a  Baby Card Challenge, I was all like, hello, of course I'm gonna enter!!  Like, omg, how cool is that??

(I'm not sure where the 80's valley girl speak is coming from, but hey, I just go with the flow!)

So, like, here's my card!

Funny story.  When I went to take a picture of this card, I found a bunch of my craft supplies hanging out, trying to look all serious, in my light tent.  When I went in for a closer look, they broke out in giggles.  This is why:

I guess I'm not the only jokester in the family!!  Anyway, I promised them that I would add this pic to the bottom of my posts.  Now, if I can just figure out how to do that......

Monday, April 5, 2010

Its been so long...

I've been MIA for a little.  OK, maybe a lot.  A week and four days to be exact.  Yowzer, in some ways it feels like years.  We had a lot of things squeezed into those 11 days!!

Anyway, before I hit the sack and catch up on some much needed sleep, I wanted to show you a card I made a couple days ago.  I used Sketch 49 from 2 Sketches 4 You, which is like, so last week.  ( i actually stole that line from funny, crafty, fellow blogger, Libby) I also used the Embellish Magazine's Color with Stitching Challenge shown here:

And here is my card.

Well, I would really like to stay and chat and take this opportunity to crack myself up, but I am literally so tired it hurts to type.  I know, I'm such a wuss.  I'll be back soon though, promise.

Night, night.